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Luther History

Nestled in a friendly prarie city, Luther College High School is recognized around the world as a wonderful place to study. With a full range of academic programs, sports teams, extra-curricular activities, high-class events, and dorm facilities, Luther College High School is the right choice for local and international students seeking a unique educational experience.

Founded by German immigrants in 1914, the original Luther Academy was built in Melville, Saskatchewan. Later, the current high school campus was completed in 1929 under the new name of Luther College. Since then, the high school campus has expanded to include a dorm building and the historical gymnasium. Luther College later expanded to create Luther College University, a federated college of the University of Regina.

This web site is a separate site created by Luther College High School students for the individual programs offered by the school. If you can't find what you're looking for here, would like more information about Luther College University, or would like to visit the Online store for Luther College apparel, visit the main Luther College website at