Luther College Fine Arts : Film : FILM 10

The Film 10 Program

If the Luther Film program teaches the language of film, then the Film 10 is the class that teaches the ABC's. In Film 10, students learn by studying films and film makers, and by working in production groups with cameras, sound equipment, lighting, and editing software. By the end of the course, students:

- Develop an understanding of the language, techniques and creative processes of film, video and new media.

- Develop and convey ideas through film and video.

- Develop an understanding and appreciation of historical developments in film and video.


These projects were based on the idea, "A student walks into the school, and something happens":

"The Elmo" This clip is the full two-minute horror completed by the spring 2004 film class.

"l'examine volee" This clip is the opening of a film-noir style drama about a thief.