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Fine Arts Night

Fine Arts Night is, as one art student said, "The LIT of fine arts at Luther." It is a showcase of great music, beautiful artwork, and moving performances.

On the stage, the one act players entertain audiences with dramas and comedies, many of which were written by James Ostime, an alumnus of Luther.

In the music room, students sing and play their instruments, displaying a wonderful collection of music, including modern works and the classics.

The film program is proud to premiere the final projects of the first semester film classes, which have been in production for about two or three months.

The evening is made complete by a coffee-shop of sorts that is set up in the art room. Visitors are encouraged to wander around and take in the art, while enjoying the live music provided by some of the school's best musicians. And, while you're there, why not relax and enjoy a drink and some popcorn from the concession run by the Art Club?

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